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  Chick-fil-A is like manna from Heaven. The breading on the chicken, the waffle fries with Chick-fil-A sauce, and Lord, have mercy, the cookies. A trifecta of tastiness. I could eat my weight in this fast food chain's delightful fare. Once upon a time, that is. Once upon a time I ate it a lot, but then I ate it the night my life fell apart, and I couldn't eat it again for over a year. The night my life fell apart, my husband left. I didn't see it coming and I didn't want it to happen, but it came and he went, and my life has never been the same. In that moment of extreme trauma, my senses were heightened, and I can still recall the strangest details from that night. I can close my eyes and be back in those moments. I can see what was around me, and I can hear what was said. One part I'll never forget is the physical sickness that came after the emotional pain. My body broke just as my heart did, and I wondered if I would actually die of a broken heart. I had heard it was possible, and it certainly felt so. After that night, I couldn't eat for weeks....


  The world right now is a book lover's dream. Everywhere I look, there are new books coming out that scream, "READ ME! I HAVE SUPER IMPORTANT THINGS TO TELL YOU." They put me in my happy place. But they also make me poor. Priorities. Today, I'm highlighting four books that you absolutely must buy - RIGHT NOW - and read as soon as you can. Buy one for yourself, buy some for Christmas presents, and be prepared to be changed. I'm not saying this lightly. These books have changed my way of thinking on so many things. The first one I finished just this morning, friends, and it's a game changer. You might have seen it advertised, especially since it's Oprah's latest book club pick. (Side note - this is not why I read it. I ordered it from Amazon before Oprah ever chose it. Her choices have sometimes made me scratch my head and ask, "Really?" But not this one. She chose wisely.) Book 1 - Glennon Doyle Melton's Love Warrior (click to buy) If you're a mom and reader of blogs, you've probably encountered Glennon Doyle Melton's blog, Momastery. She's candid and honest, and people love her writing because it's so real. Her...


A few days ago, I wrote a post called "Do It Scared." I encouraged you to "Do it scared. Do it trembling. Do it wondering if you'll fail and if others will think you're crazy." Today, that's me. I have written an e-book, and today I'm releasing it into the big, scary world. I'm scared. I'm trembling. I'm wondering if I'll fail and if others will think I'm crazy. But I'm doing it anyway! The book is called Buried: What to Do When You're Overwhelmed, and I've written it for those of you who struggle to manage all that's on your plate. I did a poll on Facebook a few weeks ago, and the number one struggle people identified themselves as having is managing responsibilities. I heard from so many women who said there's too much to do and too little time. Too many tasks and not enough self. Too many expectations and not enough reality. They said something has to give. I immediately knew this topic, chosen by hundreds of women, was something I had to address. I sat down with my computer and my prayers, and the result of those hours is this book I'm offering. It walks you through five simple and practical...


  For most of my life, I've been a fraidy cat. I've always been the one scared. Afraid of roller coasters, afraid of planes, afraid of what others think of me. I have lived in the shadows of my own life, allowing the fears to become my focus. I forfeited dreams and relationships and what could have been because I was scared of what might be. But in the past 6 months, I have stared some fears in the face. I have listened to the scared voice in my head and told it, "Not this time." I have stepped out when I once would have run away. And I am a different person because of it. Whatever it is that scares you - do it anyway. Do it scared. Do it trembling. Do it wondering if you'll fail and if others will think you're crazy. Do it anyway. Whether you want to start a business or ask a friend over for coffee, fear will tell you not to do it. Fear will tell you all that could go wrong. Fear will convince you not to take the risk. I'm begging you to do it anyway. When you do it scared, you come alive. When you hide in fear, you die inside. When...