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  The droplet of sap on my van's windshield is smaller than a dime. It's not huge, but it's on the driver's side, right in my line of vision. We just repainted our garage floor, and while it was drying, I had to park under the cedar trees at the end of the driveway. One of the days I parked there, a glob of sap dripped right onto the windshield. I noticed it immediately when I got behind the wheel, but I couldn't do anything right then to get rid of it. As usual, I was jumping in the car to run from one place to another, and I was in a hurry. Turning on the windshield wipers would only smear it, so I told myself I'd take care of it later. And you can guess how that went. That was weeks ago, and the glob is still there. Only now, it's crystallized and feels like a permanent fixture on my mom-van. The funny thing is that I've learned to look past the glob as I'm driving. It's in the exact same spot it has been, and it never disappears fully from my line of vision, but I have learned to ignore it. I've learned...


  My guest for Episode 3 is Shauna Letellier, author of Remarkable Faith: When Jesus Marveled at the Faith of Unremarkable People. She never saw herself writing a book, but after recognizing in her own studies that Jesus consistently noticed the faith of people who were ordinary, she felt she had to share what she learned. In this episode, we discuss what it's like to raise children in a world where we're still struggling ourselves, what it takes to learn God doesn't want us to perform for His love, and how to learn who we really are. Connect with Shauna: Facebook Instagram Sponsors: Kristy's Custom Designs Three Twelve Market BeautyCounter - Angie Eubanks...


Abby Banks is a wife, mom, author, and advocate. Her youngest son, Wyatt, became paralyzed at 7 months old, and Abby's world turned upside down. In the years since Wyatt's diagnosis, she and her family have lived by the words "love him anyway," which is also the title of her book about their journey. We talk about the journey she and her family took into a new normal, living with a child whose special needs impact daily life. Abby shares about her personal struggles and victories, learning to become comfortable with who she is in the life she leads. You'll want to grab a copy of her book Love Him Anyway: Finding Hope in the Hardest Places. Connect with Abby: Facebook Instagram Sponsors: Kristy's Custom Designs Three Twelve Market BeautyCounter - Angie Eubanks...


  What does it really mean to follow Christ? In my 20 years as a Christian, I've seen how much confusion there is surrounding the lifestyle and choices Christians make. There are as many opinions as there are believers. It seems there are questions about everything -- what to drink, where to go, how to dress, how to worship. The role of women, the type of church to attend, whether salvation is forever, and whether Christians should watch R-rated movies. What it means to be a believer and follower can be really confusing, especially for brand new Christians. That's why I wrote Follow: A 28 Day Devotional for Understanding Your Faith. I wanted to help new believers navigate some of the questions they have, and I wanted to help them focus on four major areas of following Jesus -- Salvation, the Bible, Worship, and Prayer.   In this book, we spend one week on each of those topics, looking at what Scripture teaches and what confusion might arise. Each day's reading starts with Scripture and ends with reflection and prayer, and one of my greatest goals is to help people establish the daily habit of spending time focused on their relationship with Christ. If you have questions...